Why Choose Us?

24-hour car removals

Instant cash payments of up to $6000

Service to all suburbs of Perth

Accept all makes and models of any age and condition

Removes car collections of all sizes

Professional service guaranteed

Is always fast and efficient

What Our Customers Say?

I would like to thank you for the quality of your service. I will recommend you to my colleagues, friends and others.

– Denisse

G’ day. To be honest I am surprised with the speed of the operations, the service is outstanding.
– Paul

We have found the removal went very smoothly and Total Car Removal Perth providing a top quality service! Thanks! It all went just perfect…
– Melissa
Car Removal Perth


Unwanted? Used? Just out of the showroom? Scrap? Wrecked? Accident? Junk? Whatever condition of your vehicle, we offers free car removals that pay up to $6000 instant cash. We service all suburbs of Perth and are an industry leader paying some of the highest payouts on FREE car removals in Perth. Give us a call to find out the value of your vehicle at Total Car Removal.

Call us at 0468 377 727

We accept all makes and models of any age and condition-
•Wrecked Subaru- We pay instant cash!
•Used Mitsubishi- We pay instant cash!
•Junk Ford- We pay instant cash!
•Scrap Holden- We pay instant cash!

Running or not, your vehicle has worth when you have your car removed by professional car removals.

We Accept Trucks and 4x4s, Too!

Cars aren’t the only removals we perform at our company. We also perform truck, 4×4, van, SUV, commercial vehicle, ute, motorcycle, etc. You name it, running or not; we will come to your location and remove it for free. Our car removals are worth up to $6000 instant cash. So, whether you have a used Holden 4×4, a wrecked Subaru, a used Mitsubishi or another type of vehicle we will come to your location and remove it for free. It is that simple! And, before we leave, we’ll put instant cash in your pocket!

24 Hour Car Removals

When your schedule is busy, you need a car removal company that can work when you are available. Total Car Removal Perth is that company. We offer 24-hour car removals that are always performed free of charge.

Whether you need a:
•Scrap Car Removal
•Used Car Removal
•Old Car Removal
•Accident Car Removal
•Junk Car Removal
•Wrecked Car Removal
•Broken Car Removal
•Damaged Car Removal

Whatever condition of your vehicle, we will pay instant cash. Our car removal specialists work around the clock to provide you with exceptional car removals. Travelling in custom removal vehicles, there is no car collection we aren’t prepared to remove. There’s never a better time to get rid of your unwanted, used, old, rusted, wrecked, damaged, accident, scrap or junk car than now. We can put up to $6000 instant cash in your pocket. Just give us a call by following the directions below.