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Nov 28th, 2018
What to do before Junking a Wrecked Car

So it is time for you to replace your wrecked car with a brand new one, and you have been advised to junk the car but you do not know how to go about it because obviously you have never done it before. We will be looking to put you through the process of wrecked car removal with important things that you must do prior to junking the car. These tips that would be given have also proven effective in getting the best possible deal for a junk car.

Here are a few things you can do prior to junking your car:

Retrieve Your Belongings

Can you count the number of times you have unconsciously left your personal belongings in your car? This is impossible because the car is like a home to the owner, and over the period of time that it is driven, a lot of personal belongings will be kept in there. Some people do not even bother to take important documents out of the car until they are needed. So it is important that before the car is being taken to the junkyard, it is properly searched to retrieve all personal belonging that the car might contain. You should know that as soon as the car arrives the junkyard there is little chance of retrieving the belongings. Also, do not forget to check under the floor mats, and inside the seat jackets for important belongings. You can also check inside the stereo for disks or USBs that you forgot to remove.

Proper Ownership Handover

You have to make sure that you properly handover the ownership of the car to the junk garage. Make sure that you cancel the automobile insurance if you have one, and you remove your car plate numbers as this is still a proof of verification that you own the car. A disadvantage of the improper handover of car ownership is the incurring of liabilities like taxes. So if possible you can have a legal binding that proves that you no longer own ownership of the car.

Sakes of Valuable Components

One of the ways of getting maximum value for a wrecked car is by selling some of the valuable components of the car before selling the whole body part to the junkyard. Although, this would mean that you will make less money from the sales to the junkyard. But with the separate sales of other components, you will be making more money in total. Some of the components that you can sell before junking include the car stereo system, the tires if they are still in good condition, the car battery, and GPS system if any.

Use up the Remaining Gasoline

If your car would be towed to the junkyard, you might want to check the level of gasoline in the tank, as the sales of gasoline can also earn you more money. However, if the car can still move, you should drive it to the junkyard before removing the gasoline.

If the car no longer moves, you can request that workers in the junkyard help you with wrecked car removal by providing a vehicle to toll the car.